Ollin Tea & Cafe

Ollin Tea & Cafe Franchise

Ollin Tea & Café offers the largest Tea wall display in N. America along a fast casual café that serves Tea, Coffee, Real-Fruit Smoothies, Wraps, Sandwiches and Salads.

Our healthy choices are made with fresh ingredients, using local and organic ingredients when available. Consumers demand better products now days and we are positioning our selves for the new trend. Perhaps that’s why in 2017, the top  franchisees in the fast casual dinning industry,  average gross sales of more than $750,000.

Our mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle by serving amazing food with fresh ingredients. We offer an amazing opportunity with one of a kind system for you to become an Ollin Café  Franchise Owner!

It’s Not A Job. It’s A Passion.

Yes, we are looking for people who are passionate about food and would like to be part of the new food trend; “Healthy Fast Casual Dinning”

We are looking for entrepreneurs that understand the importance of customer service and community outreach. We value individuality, creativity, and a positive mindset. We want to help you start your business while having fun doing it.

Qualified candidates should have:

  • Business experience (restaurant experience preferred)
  • $60,000 in liquid assets and a minimum net worth of $250,000

View our investment breakdown.

“I wanted a new business opportunity that I would be proud to bring to my community. With Ollin Cafe, I know I am providing delicious food to my customers. I feel great providing employment to special needs youth bringing my daughter into my Cafe for a healthy smoothie.”- Marie V. (newest franchisee)

About Ollin Cafe

What began as a prep kitchen for a ready to cook meals in a single location on Eagle River Alaska,  has grown to be a brand for people looking for healthy alternatives to fast food. Every day, we serve up great-tasting, Healthy food and Drinks to locations in Alaska, with more in development. Here are some highlights of our history and incredible growth.

2009 – We open in Eagle River Alaska, as Super Suppers Café, serving Sandwiches, Salads, Coffee and real-fruit smoothies.

2012 – We Open Ready Made Dinners in Anchorage Alaska where people can come in and buy from our “Grab N Go”. Shortly customers request for dine-in options from the great food that Chef Alex prepares for Ready Made Dinners and RMD Café is born. RMD Café becomes a popular spot for people looking for healthy options that include Sandwiches, Salads, Smoothies and Coffee.

2015- Looking to always serve the freshest ingredients and the highest quality products. Ollin Coffee Roasting Co. is founded to provide unique coffee blends, in an independent blind test “Ollin Coffee” is selected as the top winner with their first blend “Movement” followed by “Alaska Gold Rush”

2016- Ollin Company acquires Yukon Tea Co. to offer healthy alternatives for customers who can’t drink coffee.

2016 – Ollin Tea & Café opens in South Anchorage offering a redesigned interior. We expand our menu with healthy food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ready to cook meals. To reflect our new menu items, we rebrand to become Ollin Cafe. and new menu, offering Signature Sandwiches, Salads, Real Fruit Smoothies, Coffee and Prepared Ready Made Dinners.

2017 – Yukon Tea & Coffee acquires Ready Made Dinners and becomes an online subscription program. Ready Made Dinners are available at Ollin Café and soon more locations

2018- Ollin Cafe begins expansion in Alaska as a franchise model for Independent Store Operators with a very unique model that allows for a low investment and quick expansion to Anchorage, Wasilla, Fairbanks and more to come.

Why Ollin Cafe

At a time when there’s more focus than ever on healthier food options and active lifestyles, Ollin Cafe is perfectly positioned to become #1 in our category. Maybe that’s why we’re opening a new Cafe in every large city in Alaska and taking a piece in this $1.1 billion industry.**

Our fast-casual concept is something you and your family can be proud to own, as you provide healthier options for people in your community. You can feel good about serving our great-tasting and innovative smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, salads, coffee and tea.

What really distinguishes Ollin Cafe from the competition is our balanced mix of food and smoothies, which allows you to capitalize on multiple dayparts: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, and catering. This helps drive average ticket sales over $12.25 and allows us to drive higher gross sales.

So perhaps it is no surprise that in 2016, the top franchisees in the fast casual industry had average gross sales of $900,000.*

It’s all part of our commitment to help set up our Franchise Owners for success:

  • We continue to innovate, seeking out ways to hold down costs without sacrificing quality.
  • We leverage a full spectrum of marketing tools to drive awareness, excitement, trial, and loyalty for the brand.
  • Our Rewards app allows for one-touch mobile payments, digital ordering, and loyalty program access. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to strengthen the exceptional Ollin Cafe experience to keep customers coming back for more!
  • We have online tools in place to help Franchise Owners monitor their food costs, labor costs, and customer relations remotely.
  • And most importantly, Our Customers are our biggest fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Ollin Cafe been in business?

Ollin Cafe was founded in 2016 but the founders have been in the fast food industry for over 20 years.

Is it easy to operate?

Yes. Unlike many fast food restaurant franchises, there are no grills, deep fryers, hooding systems or ovens to worry about. Instead, we focus on fresh food that is cleaned and prepared each day.

What are the general operation hours of an Ollin Cafe location?

Our Cafes are open from 7am-7pm.

How much does it cost to open an Ollin Cafe?

On average, the overall investment cost range is $250,000 to $525,000.

But we developed a partnership program for any franchisee to open their first café for around $50,000
We cover the initial investment of remodel and equipment ($150,000 – $400,000) and we go into a 50/50 profit share.

How many locations do you have?

We have 2 locations in Anchorage and expanding to Wasilla, Fairbanks with expansions to Oregon, California, Guadalajara and Cancun Mexico.

How fast is Ollin Cafe growing?

In 2016, we opened our First Cafe. We’re projecting to open 100 by 2019.

Do you help me find a location?

Yes. We provide you with a recommendation for the ideal area based on our real estate model. We locate the locations get them up and running and then you take over a turn key operation.

What type of demographics do you look for?

An ideal location will have a population of at least 50,000 with 10,000 traffic count in the immediate area, high home value and an average household income of $50,000+. We have a location ready to open in a location close to hospitals and university.

How much money can I make?

Even though this is something that we can’t guarantee due to the many factors involved in making a store successful. Research shows that In 2016, the top 50% of franchises in the fast casual dinning sector similar to our concept, had average gross sales of $750,000.*

What type of square footage do you look for?

Typically, our Cafes are between 1,200 to 1,600 square feet.

How many employees do I need at the Cafe?

Our Cafes usually employ 5-10 part-time employees.

What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee is $20,000 for the first unit, $15,000 for every additional unit, and $12,500 for qualified veterans and non profits.

What do I get with the franchise fee?

This fee covers your training, plans for building out the Cafe, access to our systems, technology, POS system, Online Ordering and Delivery system, Social Media Marketing for Grand Openning, Operational support and more.

How long do the franchise agreements last?

Franchise agreements last between 15- 30 years.

What are the royalty fees?

Each Cafe pays 5% toward royalty fees and 3% toward national marketing based on gross sales.

For Low Investment and Non-Profits a Profit Share Program is Available.

What type of training do you provide?

We believe in setting up our franchisees for success. We provide the following training: four-week training program, consisting of two weeks in a nearby Cafe, and two weeks onsite for your Grand Opening.