About Us



Established in 2015.

2015 CAFE OPENS – Café Ollin was created by Chef Alex from Ready Made Dinners and the Founders of Ollin Coffee. Customers wanted a place to Dine-in and enjoy the popular meals from Chef Alex while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Ollin- means “movement” in the ancient Aztec language. It was a perfect Brand name since we believe in natural ways of cooking and roasting coffee. Ollin is the symbol in the center of the Aztec Calendar, is the place where everything originates.

NATURAL PROCESS GIVES COFFEE A UNIQUE FLAVOR PROFILE- After trying all the poplar coffees available in Anchorage, Alaska non could reach the quality Chef Alex was looking for, that’s when Chef Alex decided to come up with a unique blend that will match the quality he is known for and the flavors that would remind him of the coffee only found with small grower in Latin America. Flavors that can only be accomplished roosting in small batches using ancient techniques used by the Mayans and Aztecs. Natural process of Sundry Beans and Hand Roasting in Small Batches,  while our beans are not hand roasted they are roasted fresh and in small batches to give you the natural smoky flavor as if it was roasted by hand.

DINE IN CAFE AND COFFEE WHOLESALERS –  Ollin Café was created as an addict ion to the wholesale of  Ollin Coffee and Ollin Tea serving Signature Sandwiches, Salads, Smoothies, and pastries. Olling Café is a contemporary Fast Casual Restaurant, serving Fresh Ingredients, Everything made from Scratch using as much Organic Products as Possible.

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